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You name it, Elle Macpherson has probably done it and done it well. She’s a television presenter, model, actress, and businesswoman. It seems that just about everything Elle turns her hand to is an instant success. Elle Macpherson launched her lingerie range. "Elle Macpherson Intimates", in 1990 and has since dominated the lingerie market. With a nickname like ‘The Body’, it’s really no wonder that Elle knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating lingerie sets that are both comfortable and supremely stylish. Elle, a former supermodel, has previous admitted that she finds inspiration for her exquisite collections from her experience within the fashion world.


Not only is Elle Macpherson underwear sumptuous, but it’s practical as well. Elle Macpherson underwear also caters for the fashion conscious women with a larger cup size, as the Dentelle and Artisty collections start at an A cup and go all the way up to a GG cup. The underwired bras that are made specifically for those with a larger cup size are every bit as seductive and confidence boosting as the rest of the collection, something that other lingerie manufacturers don’t always get as right as she has managed to. The Artistry bras are particularly wonderful, with lace, hints of peach fabric, ribbon, and a beautifully delicate pattern, the bra is available in both black and cream.


It isn’t just gorgeous briefs, thongs, and bras that Elle Macpherson Intimates offer either, but silky satin chemises, suspenders, camisoles, and sleek pyjama lounge pants. It seems clear when you look at this collection that every detail has been paid close attention to and even the names of Elle’s pieces are tempting. Each carefully chosen name effortlessly manages to conjure up a different feeling or mood upon hearing it, and perfectly matches the piece of lingerie that you choose to wear. There’s the Desert Heat pieces, the Hula Dancer collection, Nostalgic Treasures, and the Never Forget lingerie to name but a few. Each has its own distinctive look and feel, enabling you to match your lingerie with your mood, and yet it’s still evident that the pieces have all come from the Elle Macpherson collection as they all work together as a flawless whole. The styles are luxurious and playful with a consistent girly flash of lace, meaning that the wearable collection is absolutely irresistible. May Elle Macpherson’s lingerie collection grace our underwear drawers for a long time to come! 





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